Business Planning for 2016 – Put it on your Calendar

The Time is NOW!

Put it on your calendar – Nov 15th sounds good.  Allow 1-2 hours to get it done.

This doesn’t have to be hard if your have been in business for more than a year.

Ask Yourself;

If I were to dream…What would be an outrageous financial goal for myself this time next year? Don’t be afraid to dream about this – Write down the 1st thing that comes to your mind…. Mine is $100,000 in gross commissions – I haven’t come close yet…  What is your Goal? $50, $200, $1MiLLION- My Mentor – Bridget Stuart, says if you don’t set the Goal, you will never set yourself up to get it.  And if you don’t get it this year, you will mostlikely have done better than you did the previous year.  So Dream On! like the Song!

Lets not forget to satisfy your Soul.  Set an Outrageous Personal Goal also.  – I want to move my daughters and grandkids from Virginia to California to be close to me by Next July.    You may want to travel to be with your family, or go on a religous or soul searching journey with people close to your. Or you may want to lose 100 pounds, run in a marathon.  The dream and choice is yours.

Dreams like these are the ones soooo soooo big that you are afraid to tell someone, in fear of embarrassment that they would think you fell off your chair and bumped your head.  GO For IT!


To help create you Goals –  Try these fun tools to get you dreaming;

Come up with 3 reward ideas in each of these categories –

1) Places you would like to GO? – be realistic, put down places you really could imagine yourself going to.  Don’t put down China or the North Pole, if you really wouldn’t want to go there.

– I have Utah, England, and Austraila on my list.

2) Things you want to Experience?  A Concert, Live Show,  Bungee Jumping, Having a Baby, Learn to Sing!

– Since I’v done several some of those already… can you guess which I haven’t done?

3) Choose 3 things you want to have, “material things”.  Material things are Okay to say you want.  It’s not a bad word.  Remember you will have earned it.  Oh. another rule for this reward is that you can only can do give 2 of them to other people.  You must have at least 1 mateial thing thats just for you.  A New house is for your family, unless your single.

– I want a new kitchen, I want 2 new pair of comfortable winter shoes, a new coach handbag.    That was easy for me… I could go on and on.  It doesn’t count if you put it on your Christmas List!  These are rewards, gifts to yourself.

Once you dream and write it down, go one step further – Create a Visual for your Dreams, Rewards, and Goals.  Yes, that handy dandy “Dream Board!”   Yes we are taking you back to Elementary School.  It’s cutting and pasting time.  I don’t want to hear of any of you getting sick from eating the Paste either.

Some of my Co-Workers use the local Lands and Homes Magazine to clip out different homes for their number of sales goals.  If you know it will take 100 homes, or sides to your transaction to reach your goal of $100K then you will probalbly need to close 2 a week.  It’s possible! Other’s do it.  You can take 100 pictures and put them on a Post. Pull it off and put it on the other side of the board when complete. Some variation of this;   INSERT PHOTO   –  have your rewards and visual goals in the center to help keep you focused and inspired.

All of this can be put into a dream book too, if that is more feasible for you and your office mates. “PHOTO”

A simple formated Real Estate business planner can be downloaded from the Mike Ferry website.  He had many complentary downloads that can help you prepare for 2016. (link to the site). “Insert a photo of the Short Biz Planner”.  Then if you really want to detail things out, download and complete his Full Business Plan with Daily Planner.

Another way to stay focused on your goals is to make your screen saver banner show them, or make all your passwords your top priority goal. For digitial security purposes, it may be good to change out your password goal quarterly.  example! “Go2Utah” and “Utah2016” or “G02Utah”  you can see how that works.

You can even have your ringtone music be a musical reminder of what your goal is.  It’s a liltle harder to figure out sometimes, but enjoyable when you work it out.  There are many apps out there to create from.